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Contribute and discuss innovative ideas

According to National Healthcare Expenditures (NHE) published by HHS, only 5% of the total NHEs–$3031 billion–are invested in research and design. The vast majority of care delivered is driven by a single factor–“whether it will be covered by the patient’s health plan.” Whether you are a health administrator, healthcare operator, benefit designer, actuary, clinician, researcher, epidemiologist, or someone who has received care in multiple care settings, we invite you to participate in the quest for effective, high-quality, low-cost, coordinated care design and delivery with simple and reliable funding mechanisms. We seek to discuss


  • Drivers of care design and delivery independent of reimbursability.
  • Healthcare services offered at different price points, while adhering to patient safety and outcome quality standards.
  • Governance of care design protocols for a range of health conditions.